Welcome to Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood.     We're glad you're here.


who we are

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood is a vibrant and incredibly diverse neighborhood. It boasts not only tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity, but also has or is immediately adjacent to some of the most incredible nature-based assets in the City of Portland. Residents enjoy great schools, countless Douglas firs, and large lots perfect for urban agriculture — a fitting tribute to the Neighborhood's farming past.

The Neighborhood also has a very active Neighborhood Association and was named the 2009 Spirit of Portland Neighborhood of the Year.

Membership is open to all individuals who live, own property, have a business license, or represent a non-profit organization within the Powellhurst-Gilbert boundaries. Membership is also open to those who have a demonstrated interest in the neighborhood, in part through active attendance at Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association meetings, board meetings, or other PGNA-sanctioned events.

Our Mission

To serve as a body in order to gather, enlighten, inform, celebrate, champion, empower, and support our Powellhurst-Gilbert neighbors, businesses, homes, schools, environment, and those invested in the neighborhood.

To facilitate a continuing increase in the well-being and standard of living of those persons residing within the bounds of the Association.

To provide a forum for organization, education, and research of information and ideas by assuring an open process by which all citizens of the community may involve themselves in the affairs of the community.

To provide structures for community building among members. 

What We've Achieved

  •  An ongoing graffiti cleanup program which is the most successful in the City's history
  • Launched the East Portland Exposition, a coalition-wide festival promoting East Portland and its 13 neighborhoods
  • Produce an annual Neighborhood Night Out and Movie-in-the-Park program
  • Developed an “Adopt-a-Drain” program designed to help manage stormwater drains – efforts are underway to use it as a template for the entire city
  • Installed a soft surface pedestrian path in West Powellhurst park
  • Launched a major restoration project on the Springwater Corridor between SE 128th Avenue and 136th Avenue
  • Awarded small neighbor grants, including one for immigrant outreach and one for youth internships
  • Awarded three Portland action plan grants, including one to launch an urban farming program, and another one for the coalition-wide graffiti abatement program.

our History

Coming soon from the PGN History Department